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With a working title of “There’s no sense where there’s no feeling”, this book will be delving into trauma and the long-lasting effect on family and friends plus, as always, self-love tips to help you manage life when it feels at breaking point.


Cath loves to write and manages a heartfelt blog on her parent site that covers a huge range of personal topics from love, happiness, and family, through to depression, separation, and grief.

Find shared experiences, words of advice, tips and techniques, by visiting to browse Cath’s thoughts.

Anxiety & Stress Therapist

Cath is a full-time coach who helps clients manage conflicting and challenging emotions enabling them to change today and make a better tomorrow.. visit for more information.

Let’s Talk

Regular live video chats from Cath on topics that affect our happiness and fulfilment. Cath’s talks can help improve your self-esteem and put you on the right path to feeling more like yourself again.

Can be viewed on YouTube.

Chat’s regularly on Instagram and LinkedIn.


Cath’s photography is like her very nature; innocent, colourful, and beautiful. Follow her Instagram page for impressive and insightful images.

The Book That Started It All

It was more than a shock when Cath’s dad suddenly announced he was transgender… Her book is a frank and open account of the emotional rollercoaster her father’s decision set in motion and how Cath came to terms with her new normal.
Read more about When Dad Became Joan: Life with my transgender father

When Dad Became Joan: Life With My Transgender Father

Buy online for £14.99 with free postage


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