I am Cath Lloyd, and my dad is transgender. I am also a transformational life coach and I help people to manage conflicting and challenging emotions to change today and make a better tomorrow. Using Life Change Therapy I support and guide through change and growth using a combination of techniques and skills. I assist everyday people in the building of strategies that help them to become their best whilst battling and overcoming worries and anxieties. My methods are powerful healing tools that offer an alternative approach to treat the whole person; mind, spirit, body, and soul, and the effectiveness of my methods are described in my book by using one of my own life challenges to show how transformational therapies can be applied to any life change to help you find the way to your new normal.


For more information about Cath’s transformational coaching visit her website Cathlloyd.co.uk and discover how you could be making the change today for a better tomorrow. .


When Dad Became Joan: Life With My Transgender Father

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