When Dad Became Joan

Life With My Transgender Father


About The BookAbout The Author

About the Book

An honest and open rendition of one woman’s grief for the man she once knew and acceptance of the person who still loves her like a daughter.

In 1987, Cath Lloyd’s father made the shocking confession that he was a transsexual and wished to become a woman.

Although she wanted to be supportive, Cath didn’t want to lose her dad, and it was hard to accept his decision. In those days, asking for help wasn’t the norm, and gender issues like this were swept under the carpet. Throughout the years of emotional, conflicting and tormenting thought processes, Cath wondered if life was ever going to feel normal again.

We all have life stories to tell, and Cath tells one of hers in her book and shares her journey of acceptance when her dad became Joan.

About the Author

She’s far more than just an author and loving daughter; Cath is a wife to one husband, a mother to two children, and an anxiety and stress relief coach to many.

Cath is a lifestyle change and stress relief coach, with a teaching background in adult education spanning over 25 years. She combines her teaching and life coaching skills with a holistic approach and loves working with her clients on an individual level to achieve positive and quick results.

This is Cath’s first book in print and one of several personal battles she has faced in her life. She challenges herself constantly in all she undertakes which most recently has included hardwood floor restoration and a charity swim marathon.

More from Cath Lloyd

New book release in 2020

Cath Lloyd helps people to battle and overcome worries and anxieties with life change therapy techniques.

You can catch her Let’s Talk chat sessions on YouTube and regular chats at Instagram and LinkedIn.

Cath’s motto, make the change today for a brighter tomorrow, is delivered throughout her projects and is one she will be taking forward with exciting plans for the future.


A beautifully written book exploring the very honest and raw emotions of a family going through change.

The self completion strategies that are included in the book would provide a strong support to anyone adapting to change or working through difficulties in their lives.

- T Whitby

An inspirational and life-changing read

I know I will refer back to this book and its techniques throughout my life, it's inspirational and I am thankful to have a copy on my bookshelf.

- Mr G D Morgan

Not only a true and compelling story, but a book to help those struggling with their own life issues

A powerful book to help those struggling through any issues, bereavement, illness, separation, abuse, to name a few.

- Mrs H

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When Dad Became Joan: Life With My Transgender Father

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